An Afternoon with Sowhere

I met Emilie at my first East Side Flea market in March 2020. Her ceramics embodied women with empowerment and earthy expression, so naturally I was drawn to her immediately. Emilie is originally from France, and has been doing ceramics professionally for just over a year in her beautiful studio in East Van. We sat down and asked some questions to get to know her better... Here is what she had to say.   Describe your style in one word "Boho Grunge"   What inspires you? "The authenticity and natural form of bodies and wilderness"   How would you describe the art scene in Vancouver? "Vancouver has a good underground artist scene and community that works with the rhythm of cinema industry. I...

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Coming Undun

2019… the start of a transitional shift in my life. A personal change in my reflection that had me questioning my chosen path and the future that was to come. My obsession with vintage, fashion, photography and aesthetics had been ever-growing, but every career I pursued diminished the creative side of me. So I made a decision and packed up the life I had been living for the last four years in Sydney, Australia, and went back to my roots… Vancouver, BC. I broke inner barriers, and became vulnerable. I fully let myself go emotionally and indulged in being lost in this new phase of my life, what other way is there to grow? It was tragic, it was heartbreaking...

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